Pendragon Visitor Charter

Gold Award from GTBSPlease help us to conserve energy by switching off any lights that are left on in unoccupied rooms

Please do not open windows while the heating is on, instead, let us know if you are too hot or too cold and we can adjust the system.

We have complied a folder of local activities you can do without the car or only making very short journeys. There is a bus timetable in your room folder.

Please use our local shops and retailers. We have some of the freshest and tastiest produce in the country so give your taste buds a treat too!

Please recycle as much as you can when out and about. Maybe buy one of the many locally made reusable craft bags.

Please be water wise and turn off taps when brushing your teeth and take shorter showers.

Please support other Green Tourism Businesses and other responsible businesses that do there bit, like us, for the good of the environment. If you aren’t sure you could ask them. Thank you.