Pendragon Country House - Environmental Policy

Gold Award from GTBSWe feel proud and equally privileged to live in such a naturally beautiful area, therefore, we are committed to its long term sustainability. It is only right that we take a responsible approach to the preservation and maintenance of the wider environment for the prosperity and enjoyment of our children and all future generations and to ensure the continuing success of Pendragon Country House. The continued commercial success of the house will help to safeguard the long term preservation and sustainability of the surrounding environment.

We believe that our key impacts on the environment are our energy use, emissions to water, waste management and emissions to air. In order to achieve our overall aims as stated above and to continuously strive to minimize all negative impacts of our operations on our environment, we will follow a number of general principles. For more information on our GTBS Gold Award.


We fully comply with all legislative and regulatory obligations and duties of care covering our operations present and future.

Energy Generation/Renewable Energy

To further combat our energy demands, we have fitted:

  • 4kw Solar PV to produce electricity

  • 50kw Biomass Pellet Boiler for Heating & Hot Water
  • 1kw Air Source Heat Pump to heat the 'Orangery'. It is 300+% efficient!
  • Solar Thermal hot water heating (backed up by the biomass boiler)

Energy Saving

All light bulbs used inside and outside the property are energy efficient (either A or B rated). Also we have installed timer switches for our outside areas, house sign and in public areas, in an effort to increase efficiency.

All new household appliances are A or A+ rated for energy saving, and as an ongoing project we will endeavour to keep all appliances as efficient as we can.

All our energy use (electricity and LPG) is monitored on a weekly basis to determine trends and implement greater efficiencies. The house’s heating & hot water system is time controlled and managed according to seasonal weather conditions.

The House is zoned with thermostatic control over different zones and all radiators are thermostatically controlled with settings checked.

Water Conservation and Pollution Control

In addition to the monitoring of energy use, our water consumption is also monitored. All the toilet cisterns have either a water-saving device installed such as Hippos or have been converted to a dual flush system to minimise waste.

There is a 1100 litre rain harvesting system from our roof for collecting rain water for watering outside plants and hanging baskets.

Waste Management and Recycling

We minimise waste by re-using and recycling whatever is possible. We compost all kitchen waste where possible and vigorously recycle everything the current system allows (Glass, metal, plastic type 1 & 2, paper, cardboard even clothes). This includes all items placed in guest bins as well as house, kitchen and bar waste.

We only use recycled paper housekeeping products e.g. toilet paper, and when possible we use recycled stationery for the office, even reusing scrap paper for office note taking.

There is a resource conscious policy in guest rooms and we encourage an environmentally friendly laundry attitude and we use phosphate free cleaning products

Transport and Local Purchasing

We actively encouraging our guests to explore the local and surrounding area, and we promote the use of public transport or short car journeys wherever possible.

We are within easy reach of a network of footpaths especially the coastal path for which we offer a pickup and drop off service and encourage our visitors to explore the area by foot.

We have maps and circular walk guides available.

We proudly support our local traders whenever possible by buying locally sourced seasonal produce which has been grown with care and commitment. All our meat and the vast majority of our fruit and vegetables are from Cornwall or Devon.

Local trade’s people and companies are used for maintenance work whenever possible and we source

We purchase Fair-trade products as much as possible including teas, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate

Flora and Fauna

Chemical based products, including fertilizers, are not used on site and anything grown for consumption or decoration is grown organically. We have a number of wildlife initiatives in the grounds where we encourage and do not interfere with wild species. These include many species of birds, hedgehogs, moles, frogs and pond life and rabbits.

Our aim is to balance the needs of our own business and those of our guests against our desire to protect the natural surroundings in order to help maintain and enhance our 'Environmental Policy'. Pendragon Country House is a member of the local Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project, known as the CoaST Project, and the national Green Tourism Business Scheme, GTBS.