We offer a delicious breakfast experience. All dishes are freshly prepared using the finest local produce whenever possible.

We accept non-residents for breakfast and there is no need to book inadvance. come and enjoy a wonderful start to the day for just £12.50 per person.

Start by tucking in to a selection of:

Morning Breakfast Buffet Selection

Chilled 100% Squeezed Fruit Juices

Our Extra Special Homemade Muesli & Range of Kellogg's Cereals served with Ice Cold Fresh Trewithen Dairy Milk

Fresh Homemade Multi Seed Granary & White Bread Toasted

Homemade Jams & Marmalade with Trewithen Cornish Butter

Fresh Fruit (exotic and also fruit sourced from local producers when possible)

Pastries or Muffins or Granola Bars or baked item ALL homebaked and freshly prepared

A Choice of Creamy Organic Fruit Yoghurts

An Assortment of Fairtrade Tea, Cornish grown 'Tregothan' Speciality Teas, Full Roast or Decaffeinated Cafetiere Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Then feast upon your choice from the following:


Full Cornish Breakfast

Pick and choose from: Local free range eggs (cooked any style), Cornish smoked back bacon, local butchers chipolata sausages, Cornish hogs pudding, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms with basil & baked beans by request. (Veggie option available)

Cornish Smoked Kipper

Locally caught and smoked Cornish Treliga kipper served with fresh homemade bread & lashings of pure Cornish butter from the butter dish.

Cornish Continental Breakfast

Selection of Cornish cheeses featuring Davidstow cheddar and Cornish ham, all served with fresh homemade bread & pure Cornish butter. (Veggie option available)

Free Range Egg Omelette with a Choice of Fillings

Davidstow cheddar cheese, Cornish ham, tomato, bacon, mushroom, onion, pepper, sausage, hogs pudding. (Veggie options available)

Pendragon Rarebit

Grated Davidstow cheddar cheese and free range eggs combined with chopped mushroom and Cornish ham, balanced spices & seasoning then grilled upon homemade toast. (Veggie option available)

Gramps’ Special Cheese Sandwich

A Davidstow cheddar cheese sandwich made with homemade granary bread, lightly fried in basil infused olive oil & served with a runny poached egg  on top. Delicious! (veggie)

Homemade Porridge

A winter classic that can be enjoyed all year round. Our porridge is made with Bradleys milk and cream and served with a choice of toppings which include honey, maple syrup, sugar or salt.

Throughout your feast there is…

An almost endless supply of fresh homemade bread for toast, Trewithen Cornish butter, and a selection of Homemade Fruit Jams & Marmalade, Cornish honey & ‘My mate’ Marmite.

To drink, choose from Fairtrade tea, full roast or decaffeinated cafetiere coffee or hot chocolate.  Also we have an assortment of speciality teas including, fruit teas, peppermint tea & green tea.