Percivale - Twin / Double Room

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Percivale Key

This flexible double or twin bedded room nestled in the centre of the house is warm and cosy and offers lovely views over the front grounds and the best view of the unique Pendragon Flag aloft its pole. The warm colours reflect Victorian earth tones and the en suite shower room complements completes the space. 


Percivale room

Sir Percivale

Arthurian Literary Character

The earliest works telling Sir Percivale's story show that his real name was Peredyr. Hence his identification with Peredyr Arueu Dur (Steel Arms), the historic King of Ebrauc (York) who lived about a hundred years after the great King Arthur. His father, - whether the literary King Pellinore or the historic King Eliffer of Ebrauc - was killed when Sir Percivale was still young. He and his twin-brother, Gurgi, were therefore raised in the woods by their mother who wanted them to know nothing of knighthood; but, having seen some of High-King Arthur’s knights, Percivale determined to go to the Royal Court at Caer-Ligualid (Carlisle) and become one.

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£105 - £120 per night B&B based on 2 adults sharing. Special offers available.

Room size     - 12.3m sq
En suite size -
3.3m sq