Pelleas - Ground floor Twin/Double Room

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Pelleas Key

If you don’t like to tackle the stairs after a busy day, or prefer to be located on the ground floor this is the room for you. Our ground floor twin/double room has easy access to a wide outside door with very nearby private parking. Splash about in the en suite wet room as much as you like without shower trays to worry about.
This room, by special arrangement and additional fee, will take a four legged friend too. M1 mobility rated by Visit England.

Pelleas Bedroom

Accessible accommodation M1
Sir Pelleas

Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Pelleas was apparently a knight of extraordinary skill and bravery, but of lowly birth. His life plagued by his unrequited love for the arrogant Lady Ettard of Arroy. He defeated sixty knights in a great tournament in order to present her the jousting crown, but Ettard ridiculed him and forbad him from pursuing her. Pelleas ignored these protests and followed her to Arroy. Every day, the lady would send out ten knights to expel him from her lands. He would beat them off, but allow himself to be captured in order that he might catch a glimpse of his love from his prison cell. The next day, he would be released and the process would start again.

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£105 - £120 per night B&B based on 2 adults sharing. Special offers available.

Room size     - 15.8m sq
En suite size -
2.8m sq