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For the independent person who wants to feel pampered and privileged in a 4 poster bed, we have the perfect solution. Our single room has a 4 poster just for one. There is plenty of space to relax in the private en suite shower room too.Kay bedroom

Sir Kay

Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Kay was King Arthur's foster-brother. With Sir Bedivere, he killed the Giant of St. Michael's Mount. Other adventures included killing Wrnach the Giant, rescuing Mabon and stealing the beard of Dillus the Bearded. Arthur made up an insulting song about the last named and the two fell out over it. Kay did well in the War against Imperial Rome, but was killed by King Sertorius of Libya at the Battle of Soissons; or possibly by Arthur's man, Gwyddawg, who may have joined Mordred's rebellion. He was buried at Caen or Chinon.

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£65 - £75 per room per night B&B. Special offers available.

Room size     - 9.15m sq
En suite size -
3.2m sq