Packed Lunches

When out and about, on the move, or on the hoof, maybe you don’t have the time to spend lunching in a pub, or shopping for provisions. We will freshly prepare and pack a wholesome and nutritious lunch to keep you going all day. We can offer you a lunch in a picnic basket with cooler section for no additional cost.

We use homemade bread for sandwiches, locally supplied delicious ingredients and fresh fruit along with a tasty home baked treat. We can produce a range of options. Don’t forget to let us know in advance if you have dietary requirements, allergies, and if you want or need anything in particular.

Packed lunch normally includes: Freshly made sandwich with choice of fresh fillings, Packet of locally made crisps (choice of flavour), fresh fruit, Homemade sweet treat, and a choice of soft drinks.

Please do bring any leftovers and waste back and we will recycle it whenever possible

Picnic Basket

Lunches are £8.50 per adult with discounts for little lunches for the little ones.