Unsere Umwelt

We have implemented a number of measures to help us in our aim to be as sustainable in our business practices as possible.

Gold Award from GTBS

In addition to our measures for energy saving, we also have a range of renewable energy generation sytems and super efficient energy saving heating systems.

We have made great strides in reducing the impact of our buiness on the environment.  We now only use a 'Green Tariff' for our electricity supply and we have installed a smart meter to help us monitor our consumption.

We think of most things, even our website is is hosted on a carbon neutral server.

Electric Car Charging free for guests Our Key Green Initiatives include:

  • Free EV charging for residential guests and customers of the house
  • 4kw Solar PV to produce electricity
  • 1kw Air Source Heat Pump to heat the 'Orangery'. It is 300+% efficient!
  • 70kw Biomass Pellet Boiler for our main heating and Hot water needs
  • Low power demand electric underfloor heating in all ensuites
  • Solar Thermal hot water heating (backed up by the Biomass Boiler)
  • Two Charging Station for electric cars which are free for all customers

For more information on our GTBS Gold award.

The light bulbs in the house are energy efficient and they do take a moment to warm up to full brightness. We will recycle as much of our waste as possible including all the waste left in the bin in your room, especially used batteries.

We use ‘Ecover’ refillable hand wash and shower gel and please feel free to enjoy the locally produced St. Kitts Herbery guest toiletry pack which will be a gift from us to you.

We encourage you you reuse your towels, however, we will happily change your towels if you ask us to do so. If you feel you need fresh towels please place them in the shower tray, otherwise we will assume you are happy to reuse them.

We will service your room every day, and we will only change your bedding if you ask us to do so.

Here at Pendragon Country House the toilets and showers are connected to a septic tank, therefore it is very important that the toilets are only used for the obvious! We provide hygiene bags and the peddle bins for other waste, and we follow the bag it & bin it approach.Of course your bins will be emptied every day.

Families can take advantage of our free washable nappy service which we offer in conjunction with the ‘Cornish Real Nappy Project’. Let us show you how easy, cheap and better it is for your little treasure’s little bottom! please go to www.crnp.org.uk for details.

When you leave your room, we would also ask you to take a few moments to check that no lights are left on, and that appliances such as hair dryers, computers, or mobile phone chargers are not left plugged in whist you are not there.