History of our House

This enchanting and elegant residence was originally constructed in 1870 by the church and was used as the rectory for the Parish of Davidstow.  It is believed that it was intended for the Rev. Edward Benson, but in the mean time the Reverend became the first Bishop of Truro and subsequently the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The house therefore, has an exciting and interesting history with many respected individuals having stayed here over the years.

The house was sold into private hands and has been a small holding, hunting lodge, Stud Farm, B&B and private residence.  We secured the property in April 2008 and have built up the business into the multi-award winning operation it is today. The house has a strong Victorian and Edwardian feel with fine antiques and furnishings throughout.

Being in the vicinity of Camelford and Tintagel, the house has taken on the name Pendragon House. In spring 2008, we were lucky enough to take residence at the house, as only the sixth owners in 140 years, and we proudly opened its doors as Pendragon Country House.

Pendragon Country House takes its name from “King Uther Pendragon” (c. AD 410-495) the ancient king of Britain who took the crown under the title of "Uther Pendragon" after a dragon-shaped comet appeared in the sky at the time his brother, King Ambrosius, died.

Most of his reign was taken up with campaigning against Saxon and Irish invaders in the North of Britain, where he held court at Pendragon Castle in Westmorland.

The most famous episode in Uther's life is on returning to London, he met Ygerna, the gorgeous wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, and fell instantly in love with her. Determined to see her again Uther invited the Duke to return to the Royal Court, but Gorlois could see what was going on and flatly refused. The two quarrelled and Gorlois and his wife fled to Cornwall.

Uther invaded the Duke's lands, but still impatient to be with his new love, he persuaded Merlin to use his powers to magic him into Ygerna's bed. Thus, while Gorlois was being killed at nearby St. Dennis, Uther was transformed into his likeness. He walked straight into the lion's den at Tintagel Castle and seduced the lovely Duchess.

It is claimed, the price for this deception was that Uther's son, the future King Arthur who was conceived on that night, had to be given to Merlin to be brought up as he saw fit. Uther was believed to be responsible for the founding of the Order of the Round Table.

As an epithet, Pendragon can be interpreted as something like "Foremost Leader," "Chief War leader" or "Chief of Warriors".

(Source: David Nash Ford’s “Early British Kingdoms” www.earlybritishkingdoms.com)